Sunday, November 23

John Sergeant - BBC Sports Personality?

Just my two penn´orth on Strictly Come Dancing and John Sergeant.

1/ It shows the problems with referendums. People don´t necessarily vote on the question. Cherie Lunghi's partner, James Jordan said "This is supposed to be a dance contest...Please, please, people at home, vote for the dancing."

BBC viewers were looking for entertainment not technical excellence. Absolutely fine when you´re dealing with I´m a non-entity looking for idolatry not so good if you´re dealing with serious issues.

2/ All I saw of his dancing was his final attempt last night. His chat afterwards can have done his media image no harm at all. I think there is scope for John for a top 3 finish in the BBC Sports Personality of the year. According to the BBC press office, the title is "awarded to the sportsman or woman whose actions have most captured the public's imagination over the last year". Sergeant is certainly a sport and his actions have clearly caught the public imagination.

Can only see a small number of other people who have had the same thought.

Martin Kearns, St Etienne du Bois, France in a Times online forum

Clapton is God in a PC Advisor forum before JS quit dancing.

G in a Scotsman forum

Unfortunately - this won´t happen, the nominations closed a week ago and were provided by a panel of over 30 leading sporting experts from a selection of newspaper sports editors (national and regional) and magazines - not public opinion.